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VSAT Service

VSAT Network

Definition of VSAT Network

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a small-size telecommunications earth station that transmits and receives via satellite. The terminal size is 1.8 to 3.8 meters in diameter. VSAT systems functions to connect a large number of geographically dispersed sites to a central location.

VSAT network solution may be used to transmit data, voice, and video communications to even the most rural locations within Indonesia.

Definition of Communications Satellite

A communications satellite or ‘comsat’ is an artificial satellite sent to space for telecommunicationspurposes. Modern communications satellites use a variety of orbits including geostationary orbits, Molniya orbits, elliptical orbits and low (polar and non-polar) Earth orbits. For fixed (point-to-point) services, communications satellites provide a microwave radio relay technology which complements the use of communication cables.


What is IDnet?

IDnet serves to deliver telecommunications technology to even the most rural locations within Indonesia. Utilizing its breakthrough C-Band frequency technology, we can competently fulfill our clients’ needs by delivering data, voice, and video communications both efficiently and effectively all over the country, in any weather condition.

Which businesses require IDnet service? Why?

Basically, there is no constraint for any kind of business requiring the use of the IDnet services. However, this service specially caters to companies with branches located in the rural area which are beyond reach by the wireless or fiber optic network. The business nature of such companies include mining, oil-rigs, agribusiness, provincial and district government, corporation with branches as well as ISPs.

In the course of operation for these businesses, it is ideal that the head office and its branch offices are able to communicate via data voice and video communications. IDnet has the effective solution that provides such connectivity between the head office and its branch offices, even in the most rural areas.

What applications are available with use of IDnet service?

There is no limit with the number of applications that a client may use. The common applications used are typically the VOIP, fax, email, a video conference, corporate application and surveillance system.

Coverage Area

Satellite Apstar VI covers the entire Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke. Located at 134o east longitude, it is independent of any terrestrial infrastructure. The satellite service lifetime is expected to extend beyond the year 2035.

Why Choose IDnet?

Competitive Edge: Why choose IDnet over other providers?

  • Satellite Apstar VI at 134o East longitude has an operationalperiod extending beyond 2020.
  • Reliable weather proof C-Band frequency.
  • More bytes receivable with MF-TDMA, DVBS2, and SCPC Technologies.
  • VNO (Virtual Network Operator) that allows client to manage each of their own VSAT network
  • A full redundancy 1+1 infrastructure established as contingency to mitigate equipment failure – should the need arises, the network will be connected automatically to a backup network, to the outdoor or onto the VSAT System.
  • Infrastructure has a direct interconnection to the NAP DTP’s network. In the event that the IDnet client requires an internet connection, they can be directly connected to the DTP’s internet backbone without an additional hub – this serves to decrease the risk of network failure.
  • Supply of IP addresses: – Both private or public IP address.
  • Facility that enables clients to use their own IP addresses routed to remote end-users.
  • IDnet’s NOC proactively monitors the client’s network. IDnet’s NOC is operational 24hours daily, dedicated to respond to client encountered issues. In addition, IDnet is in collaboration with local providers in several remote sites to plan client site visitations.
  • Bandwidth guarantee establishes a commitment to deliver with accuracy, speed and precision. Local and international bandwidth usage will be verified through MRTG (Prime and Dedicated packages clients only).
  • Immediate deployment, easy installation, and continuous maintenance.

Ordering and Installation

How to order and installation?

For IDnet’s services order, contact our sales team to get the solution and the best quotation for you.

Here are a few steps to order our VSAT service:

  • Contact our sales team’s number +6221-5260626
  • If you are interested in our solution and the price offered, our sales team will send you an agreement that you have to sign/approve
  • IDnet will send the equipment according the VSAT service subscribe package to your location ( the device arrival time depending on the location or at most two weeks)
  • After the equipment arrive on your location, our engineer will lead to your location to do the installation and VSAT service activation
  • Device installation time is maximum 7 working days

What items should be prepared by clients?

  • Location that is obstruction-free to house the VSAT Antenna, eastward (134o east longitude)
  • UPS device min.500 VA
  • Location with room temperature setting (space with air-conditioning is recommended) for equipment storage
  • Good electricity grounding facility
  • Hub/ switch

Connection Issues

Can such service applications (VoIp, Fax, Email, Video Conference, Corporate Application and Surveillance) be used without internet connection?

Yes, as long as there is a local network connection between the Head Office with DTP’s network, that local network will connect the branch offices at the remote sites to the Head Office in Jakarta.

What is the latency for satellite connectivity?

The distance between the earth and the sky/satellite is 36.000.000m. As shown in the following, the speed of light formula is used to determine the latency of the earth towards satellite:

36.000.000 m

3 x 10m/s

36.000.000 m    = 0,12 s = 120 ms

300.000.000 m/s

*Processing time in VSAT system: ± 20 – 170 ms (Depending on the package subscription: broadband or dedicated). The total latency for VSAT service is about 500 – 650 ms.

Payments and Billing

What are the accepted modes of payments?

Currently, we accept payments only via transfer to DTP’s BCA account.

Important Notes:

  • Invoices are issued latest by the 1st of every month
  • Invoice payments should be made latest by the 15th of every month

If an invoice payment is not settled by due date (15th of the month), your account and service will be suspended. Please note that the service fee will continue to accumulate during the service suspension period.

My service has been suspended due to late payment on outstanding bills. What should I do?

If your bill payment has been overdue for more than 60 days and we are unable to contact you after multiple attempts, your service will be suspended.

To reactivate your service, please settle the full payment on the overdue amount and send the transfer slip to

Our Finance Team will confirm receipt of your payment and reactivate your account promptly.

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