Coverage Area

VSAT IDnet utilizes Telstar 18V and ABS 2 (Koreasat 8) satellite, both of them operate on C-Band frequency range. The two satellites service lifetime is expected to extend beyond the year 2033.

VSAT BuanterSat utilizes Measat 3a satellite that was launched in 2009 and Koreasat 7 in 2017. Both of them operate on Ku-Band frequency range.  For signal coverage in eastern Indonesia, both Measat 3a and Koreasat 7 have high transmission power and operate within more than 15 years.

Telstar 18V C-Band Coverage Area

ABS 2 (Koreasat 8) C-Band Coverage Area

Measat 3a Ku-Band Coverage Area

KoreaSat 7 Ku-Band Coverage Area