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Internet Service

Internet Services

Definition of Premium IP Transit Solution

IP Transit Solution is a premium network interconnection service to the global Internet (bandwidth international) with full route BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) feature. It utilizes the client’s IP block and ASN (Autonomous System Number).

This service is provided to ISP and corporate clients in Indonesia, with interconnection within the Jakarta Cyber Building. We offer a guaranteed ratio bandwidth of 1:1 to upstream providers while maintaining different pipelines for the local and international bandwidths respectively.

Definition of Dedicated Internet and Broadband

The dedicated Internet solution is a package that offers an Internet service warranty ratio of 1: 1. This means allocating full non-sharing rights of the dedicated bandwidth to each of our customers. Both the local and international bandwidths share the same pipeline.

The Internet broadband solution is a package that offers a range of Internet bandwidth at a specific speed to multiple customers on a sharing basis. For example, the package with an option of using up to 1 Mbps (one mega bit per second) allows a customer to reach that speed, with no minimal bandwidth guarantee.

Connection Issue

Why does my speed test result appear slower than expected?

Check which server you are using to perform your Speedtest.

On, servers are computers publicly hosted by various companies (e.g. SingTel, Telin, New Media) to receive SpeedTest download and upload requests, transferring the data at the rate you see in your SpeedTest result.

For troubleshooting purposes,please take note that the server used can influence the results as public servers may be overloaded with requests and encounter congested links. If you should chooseto use, we recommend testing using the Singtel servers because these servers have a larger capacity and we have direct peering with Singtel.

Why am I not able to connect to the Internet at all?

  • Check and ensure that all devices are powered on and all cables are connected securely.
  • Reset your Mikrotik router. This involves disconnecting the power to your router and waiting for about 5 minutes before reconnecting.
  • Check LED indicator on router Mikrotik 951

There are several LED indicators on: Power, ACT and Interface. Under normal conditions, the 3 LED indicators should be on or blinking. The proper functioning of the LED interface is dependent on connected interface.

  • Check if other computers or devices are able to access online connection.

This helps to eliminate the possibility of an issue with the computer’s network card or network settings.

  • If after having checked all the above, you are still unable to get internet access across multiple devices, please contact our Support Team at +6221-5260626 or Yahoo Messenger at dtpnets.

Why Choose DTP

How is DTP services better than others providers

Datacenter is a facility used to house computer systems, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (air conditioning and fire suppression) and various security devices.

Static IP

What is Static IP? Do I need it?

Our Static IP add-on gives you a fixed public IPv4 address and available Ipv6 by request. Due to the global shortage of IPv4 addresses, DTP uses a private dynamic IP, or dynamically assigned private IP addresses for broadband service. Although this does not impact most of your internet usage such as streaming, surfing, P2P downloading or gaming, you may need a Static IP if you are considering the following:

  • Hosting your own web servers
  • Using devices such as CCTV (surveillance cameras)
  • Getting remote access to your home workstation

Note: A Static IP add-on is not meant to boost your internet surfing or download speeds.

How can I acquire my Static IP?

To sign up for a Static IP, you can make a request to our Sales Team by contacting them at this number +6221-5260626. Call Now!

How many static IP addresses can I have?

Due to some current technical constraints, we are only able to provide one Static IP for each dedicated connection. For business customers, we do provide an additional IP to cater to your needs. Please contact our Business Sales Team for more information on our business plan.

Ordering and Installation

If I relocate my office, can I still continue my service plan at the new office site?

Yes, you can continue the use of your internet package at a new location provided that your new address is covered by our POP. There will be an installation fee charged to cover the costs of:

  • Deactivation of the service at your previous address by an on-site technician; and
  • Activation with installation of the service at your new address by an on-site technician.

As this relocation of service to your new address may take 3-7 days (during office hours), we recommend that you schedule it in advance.

In the event that your new address is not within our network coverage, we regrettably will not be able to facilitate the relocation and your continued use of the internet package.

How do I place an order and request for installation?

For the further information about GSD data center services, please contact our sales team.

Please proceed with the following steps to acquire our services for storing your server in the GSD data center:

  • Select your required service by completing the GSD Application Form
  • Bring your server to the GSD data center
  • Our support team will assist you with the setup
  • Once the setup process is completed, your server is ready for use

Payments and Billing

What are the accepted modes of payments?

Currently, we accept payments only via transfer to DTP’s BCA account.

Important Notes:

  • Invoices are issued latest by the 1st of every month
  • Invoice payments should be made latest by the 15th of every month

If an invoice payment is not settled by due date (15th of the month), your account and service will be suspended. Please note that the service fee will continue to accumulate during the service suspension period.

My service has been suspended due to late payment on outstanding bills. What should I do?

If your bill payment has been overdue for more than 60 days and we are unable to contact you after multiple attempts, your service will be suspended.

To reactivate your service, please settle the full payment on the overdue amount and send the transfer slip to

Our Finance Team will confirm receipt of your payment and reactivate your account promptly.

Need Support?

Feel free to contact us if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for. We’re here to assist you!

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