Who We Are

Who We Are

Hello and Thank You for taking the time to visit DTP

Here at DTP we know that Business Continuity is the utmost importance to you. We continually improve ourselves in making sure we deliver the utmost best in order for you to do your business smoothly.

Connectivity is our expertise. Let Connecting be our job and Doing Business is your Only job. Trusting your business connectivity to us will give you peace of mind.

Our Mission is to become the Best Internet, Datacenter and VSAT provider in Indonesia. Our hunger and determination to strive for perfection would give us a strong foundation to be able to deliver the best service with care to you.We strongly believe in service with Care is the only way in ensuring Customer satisfaction.

We truly believe that we are the best provider for you. Please come and talk to us for any enquiries you may have. We will be truly happy to have the chance to be able to serve and to care for you. DTP is all about serving and caring. Connecting Business with Care.

Our Path


Discipline is Our Nature

Consistency to reach objective, achievement obtained in timely manner. Being organized and committed towards work accomplishment.

Creativity Stimulates Our Success

Room for being creative is everyone`s privilege. A working environment that enables people to grow. Ideas applied in smart work are positively supported.

Eastern Attitude Shapes Our Culture

Modernization takes us further in our intelligence, but we never forget our Eastern root. We behave as the way we are, Indonesian with Eastern behavior.

Our Mission


Contribute to Develop ICT

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) are our focus. We contribute to Indonesia`s ICT development for a better future.

Striving for Perfection

The Best Internet, Datacenter and VSAT service provider in Indonesia. Continual improvement striving for perfection. Customer satisfaction is absolute.

Caring for Client's Needs

Clients are our family and their needs are our priority. We provide the best service. We are focused to proactively assist them 24/7/365.