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Data Center Service

Data Center

Definition of Data Center

Data Center is a facility used to house computer systems, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (air conditioning and fire suppression) and various security devices.

Manage Server

I would like to use the GSD service but I don't have a technician to perform maintenance on my server located in GSD. Does GSD offer such maintenance services?

As a value-added service, GSD provides server management services to clients who do not have their own technical teams to help with server management. The service fee starts from Rp 500,000 and varies, subject to the extent of management services required.

Connection Issues

Can I use GSD services with Internet connection from third party providers?

The use of GSD services with Internet connection from third party provider applies only to rack solution service. In this case, the cables from third party providers are supplied to the MMR (Meet Me Room) and subsequently connected from the MMR to the customer’s rack.

No fee is imposed on the first connection cable. A fee of Rp 420,000/cable is charged on the second and subsequent connection cables.


What is GSD?

GSD is the pioneer in providing the first budget data center in Indonesia and it is our commitment to continuously pursue effective solutions to deliver secured data center service packages at competitive prices to our clients.

Which businesses require GSD service? Why?

Basically, there is no constraint for any kind of business to utilise the GSD services. However, it is important to note that such services are designed to specially cater to companies who require their servers to be monitored and maintained round-the-clock, with regards to internet connection, electricity, room temperature and security.

GSD Services

Definition of Colocation Server

This colocation server solution enables a business or an individual client to store the client’s server in our fully secured data center. GSD further provides value-added support to enhance the performance of our client’s server to ensure stable and reliable bandwidth, which are managed to specifically meet the specific requirements of each client.

Definition of Dedicated Server

A dedicated server solution offers a single dedicated server to meet the business requirements of a client. The specifications of the server are customized according to each client’s specific requirements.

Definition of Rack Solutions

Rack solution is the perfect solution for Small and Medium Enterprises who seek private and secure space to store all their server operations. These enclosed 20U and 45U racks enable all of a client’s servers to be ’housed’ on a single rack, fully supported by a superior security system.

Public IP

What is Public IP? Do I need it?

A public IP is an IP address that can be used to determine the Internet range. A host that uses a public IP is accessible by all users who are allied on the Internet through the proxy/NAT.

However, the public IP address assigned to each computer connected to the Internet is unique. Consequently, no two computers will share the same public IP address within the Internet network.

The public IP addresses that GSD provides are static public IP addresses. Such addresses are permanent and can never be modified. They are used specifically for the hosting service of a web page or service on the internet.

Can I get an additional Public IP?

An additional Public IP can be provided with the cost of Rp 60,000/IP.

Why Choose GSD

Competitive Edge: Why choose GSD over other providers?

  • Hot and cold aisle systems: Stabilizes air circulation in thedata center
  • Guaranteed reliable sharing bandwidth: The sharing bandwidth that we provideis exactly according to our guaranteeof SLA 99,9%
  • Neutral Carrier Data Center: GSD clientsmay use GSD services with third party internet connection providers
  • UPS central and generator backup owned by GSD: All GSD existing servers use UPS central with apower capacity of 8,000 VA, supported with GSD’s own generator.In the event of electricity outage, theGSD generatorbackup will automaticallybe activated to provide for the electricity needfor 5×24 hours.
  • 10 GB Local Indonesia Internet Exchange Link
  • Continuous 24-hourly Proactive Monitoring
  • Main link to multiple upstream via submarine fiber optic cable from Jakarta to Singapore with Tier-1 quality via TATA Communications, SingTel, PCCW, China Unicom, and Telia Sonera. Reliable backup link via PGASCOM and Telecom Malaysia
  • FREE Setup Fee, Remote Hand Reboot, Live MRTG (Multi Route Traffic Graph), DNS Service, standard cost for any server size, and 5 Days Trial

Ordering and Installation

How do I place an order and request for installation?

For the further information about GSD data center services, please contact our sales team.

Please proceed with the following steps to acquire our services for storing your server in the GSD data center:

  • Select your required service by completing the GSD Application Form
  • Bring your server to the GSD data center
  • Our support team will assist you with the setup
  • Once the setup process is completed, your server is ready for use

What should I prepare to be ready for the installation process?

For the further information about GSD data center services, please contact our sales team.

For Colocation Server service, the following items should be prepared:

  • Server
  • Power cable

For Rack Solution service, the following items should be prepared:

  • Server
  • Power cable
  • Switch*
  • Router*
  • Firewall*


Payments and Billing

My service has been suspended due to late payment on outstanding bills. What should I do?

To reactivate your service, please settle the full payment on the overdue amount and send the transfer slip to

Our Finance Team will confirm receipt of your payment and reactivate your account promptly.

What are the accepted modes of payments?

Currently, we accept payments only via transfer to DTP’s BCA account.

Payment should be received latest within 15 days after the invoice date. Non-payment upon the due date will result in the suspension of your account. Please note that the service fee will continue to accumulate during service suspension period.

Need Support?

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