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GSD Suite Room

Provided for you who require extra security with excellent features for your server equipment, Suite Room service is situated at DTP`s cutting-edge Datacenter, GSDα which located at 1st Floor Cyber building.

At present, 3 Suite Rooms – each sized of 2,5m x 2,7m where 3 racks of 45U can be accommodated – are available. By having this service, you can enjoy several excellent features that might not be obtained if you utilize regular service (shared space).

GSD Suite Room


High Security Assurance

Your server equipment will be placed in particular room (not sharing with other clients) and the room can only be accessed by certain IT personnels that you have assigned.

Exclusive Maintenance

Feel more comfort during equipment maintenance because it can be done in your own data center room.

Dedicated Security Provision

Your Private Room will be equipped with CCTV that can monitor your room throughout 24/7 as well as Private Room entrance access using Smart Card Proximity and Finger print.

Room on Your Own

You are free to arrange and determine server equipment types that will be placed in your Private Room. Even you can also put storage locker for technician tools.

Power supply: 6,000 KVA

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