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GSD Data Center

About Us

We are the pioneer to offer the first budget data center in Indonesia and it is our goal to continuously pursue effective solutions to deliver secure data center service packages at competitive prices to our clients. With a varied selection of budget price packages, we are able to provide solutions to cater to the needs of the largest to the smallest of companies seeking to streamline their operations by reducing redundancy.

Basic Services:

The most strategic location Internet exchange in Indonesia

UPS Covered Power Supply

Data Center Cooling Systems

Neutral Carrier Data Center

Designed with FO/UTP Cable for Networking Media

24/7/365 Proactive Monitoring, CCTV Recording and Security System

Data Center Fire Protection System

Free Remote Hand Service

Service Level Agreement (SLA) 99,9%

GSD Colocation Server

Data Center is a facility that is used to place computer systems, from the telecommunications system to storing important data for a company. GSD Colocation Server, a rack space service where you can store server equipment in the GSD Data Center. Supported by a trusted internet network, resulting in a more stable performance of your server.

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GSD Rack Solution

GSD Rack Solution is the right solution for you who need private server storage space. Consisted with Rack 20U (half rack) and 45U (full rack) service that can be utilized to store server in types of rack mount and tower case.

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GSD Private Room

GSD Private Room is suitable for you who need private server storage space. Private room can accommodate up to 3 units of Rack 45U. On this service, we offer flexibility and extra security because your private room can only be accessed by your delegated IT team.

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GSD Suite Room

GSD Suite Room is the same kind with GSD Private Room service, it`s also very suitable for you who require private server storage space. Not only supported with extra security, this service is also backed up with the latest technology of Datacenter infrastructure because GSD Suite Room is located at GSDα – our Premium Datacenter with Tier III Classification.

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