Tier-3 standard premium Datacenter launched immediately on Cyber 1 Building`s Lobby Floor. Built in an area of 300 square meters, GSD Alpha accommodates 72 racks 45U systemized with cold containment & 3 Suite Rooms that are specially provided for you.


Located on Cyber 1 Buildings Basement Floor, GSD C1 is able to occupy 250 server units with its server colocation service developed in an area of 120 square meters.


Built in an area of 150 square meters and located on 3rd floor of Cyber 1 Building, GSD C2 provides space for 63 racks 45U on the datacenter. Equipped with the feature of Hot and Cold Aisle System, GSD C2 is one of DTP`s most prominent datacenters.


Situated on TIFA Building`s Lobby Floor, the datacenter accommodates 48 racks 45U. Existing in a space of 150 square meters, GSD T1 is built across GSD T2.


Specially built on TIFA Building`s Lobby Floor, GSD T2 prevails in a space of 175 square meters. Not only accommodating 66 racks 45U, the datacenter also has 3 private rooms developed with excellent features.

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