Since 2000, DTP has existed as Internet service provider for business clients and known as first generation Network Access Point (NAP) company in Indonesia. Through DTP NET IP Transit service, IP Transit clients who are dominated with Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Corporations can be connected directly to global Internet using clients` block IP and AS Number.


Buanter Prime Internet is an Internet service provided in two package options, which are Buanter Net Fiber Optic Access and Buanter Net Wireless Access. On this service, clients can also receive a guarantee for bandwidth package that they use as Buanter Prime Internet utilizes 2 separate lanes to local and international contents.


Buanter Smart Internet is an Internet using DTP wireless access. The service consists of two packages, which are Buanter Dedicated and Buanter Broadband Internet. On this service, clients can be connected to local and international contents through the same single lane.

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