Supported by Global Internet network through submarine fiber optic from Jakarta to Singapore, DTP is directly connected to several Tier-1 providers to acquire reliable and stable connectivity. The reliability on its global Internet network is also supported by well-known international telecommunications and content operators.


DTP`s Fiber Optic Access has handled needs on super fast Internet network, through POPs (Point of Presences) completed with Metro Ethernet technology, serving more than 10 big cities as followed. DTP also focuses on fulfillment of Internet market among business societies by expanding its network in High Rise Buildings. The following list elaborates the High Rise Buildings equipped with super fast Internet connection provided by DTP.


Enjoy unlimited fast speed internet service that is reliable and stable for your business needs. Supported with experienced technical team and the latest wireless technology, we guarantee the best Internet connection availability. DTP has done coverage area expansion continuously to be able to reach you!

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